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Document checklist - application for a permanent resident card

I have read the instructions on the application form carefully: Are there any special instructions about my application? We will send the same information as the application form, but in different format: a paper copy, or an electronic copy. For electronic applications, the card number is recorded on the application only. We will send a second confirmation letter to you if additional requirements are needed in any respect. Can I print out or sign my MM 5444 application? Yes. If you have an access code, you can choose to print out your application form and attach it to the printed version of the application. We may also need you to sign the application form when it arrives at the Post Office. Can I download my paper application or make a print-out at home? No. Your application must be submitted to us on paper. My application does not look correct. What should I do? Your application must.

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See list below) Certificate of Naturalization (Form N-400).  Please be advised that if you are a recent citizen of Russia from Russia, the  applicant for the MM 5444 Permanent Resident Card must provide the last four (4) pages of the N-400 form in its original, uncut form. If the person applying for this form does not have the photocopy, the application will be denied on the grounds that a photocopy of an incomplete form needs to be attached. Please note: If the application includes more than four pages, a “Permanent Resident Card, Expired” stamp will appear in the top right corner of the application document. If applying for the MM 5444 Permanent Resident Card on behalf of a minor son or daughter of a Russian citizen, proof of residency in Russia for at least three (3) years. A copy of the following documents: An original (original and photocopy) passport-sized color.

Form imm5644 "document checklist - application for a

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Your parent(s) have not married in Canada since November 23, 1982. You do not have any parent(s) residing in Canada other than your parents. Your parent(s) have not separated or divorced, been awarded custody of you under any of the custody/access orders granted to you or been awarded child support under Part 7 or Part 15 of the Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, the Children's Law Reform Act or the Children's Law Reform Act. For the purpose of this Questionnaire: 1) Family members (parents, siblings, grandparents) living with you. You or your sibling(s) are not living with your parents. 2) Parent and child relationship. You have and have not had a parent/child relationship with each other or with any other family members. You are and have never been living with any other person living at the same address as you. 3) Financial/academic relationship. You are and are not currently living with or have.

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It is the document that you use as proof of your status.  The  MM 5644 document checklist will help you to fill out an application form and fill out the paper applications.  The MM 5644 document checklist is available and downloadable from here: The MM 5644 document checklist consists of 4 parts: A.  Part 1: I have a passport (or Canadian Permanent Resident Card). II.  Part 2 I have an extension of stay that is valid for a minimum of 3 months. PART 3 I have a work permit that is issued prior to the issue date of the permanent resident card under the Employment of the Visitor Class Program in Canada Act: II.  Part 4 I am not yet able to obtain a permanent resident card from my country, but I would like to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Card. For more information regarding the document checklist, refer to the page titled Canada's document checklist.  When you obtain the PDF document from.